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The art and books of Ian de W. Semple


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Conflicting environmental ideologies and blatant hypocrisies foster criminality and a brutal murder designed to satisfy both the desire for long-awaited revenge, but also to frame an innocent person for the killing. Only the efforts of a brilliant indigenous eccentric give hope for redemption through the unravelling of compelling counter-arguments that await proper retribution……………………..if time allows.


Available in both paperback and Ebook form.



The efforts of a northern Canada indigenous tribe to mitigate its dependence on government handouts through the development of a natural resources project under modern, stringent standards, are vehemently opposed by rabid activists and corrupt governance.

Violence, subterfuge and deaths ensue, but cold case murders get solved by Sherlockian logic, while other lives are saved through the application of creative ingenuity by a brilliant eccentric.

Available in both paperback and Ebook form



Being green with envy can lead to the bloody red of jealousies; when rational environmentalism is overwhelmed by the blindness of narcissism, and the viridescence of money. The upshot can include returning organic matter to the environment in the form of bodies!

Available in both paperback and Ebook format.



While this book might seem, from a first glance at the Table Of Contents, to have been written while under the influence of various liquids, powders and leaves, ingested either in tandem march or collective embrace, the fact is that while the intention was to create a best-selling fictional, non-fiction, global warming based, politically incorrect, crime scene comedy, biographical mystery story, a particular misfortune turned it into the book it is; if not ranked highly low on the New York Thymes Best Cellar List. Some say it is best read while imbibing that last “one for the ditch” libation.

Available in paperback.



Take an unlikely combination of  fraud, a sledge hammer, criminal negligence, black flies, a bed of axes, greed, improbable odds, investment chicanery, enigmatic art, exploration, an air drop..........and of course creative infidelity..........and the result has all the makings of a tale underlain by one commonality, that being........vengeance!

Available in both paperback and eBook format.



Laced with sufficient hyperbole to entertain without enhancing the facts, “Tales from The Underbrush” recounts the frequently stumbling, bumbling but never boring adventures of a young geologist in the wilds of Northern Canada and South America during the mid-20th century.

 Available in paperback.



“MORE Tales From The Underbrush” continues the personal adventures that this time also take place within the underbrush of urban crime and corruption.

Available in paperback.



Reflections From A Broken Mirror” further pursues in short stories a long and varied life of the author as did his “Tales From The Underbrush” book series; but this time the adventures are not set in any particular wilderness area, unless referring to that region of the brain that supplies the values of good judgment, wisdom and maturity to the male gender during the latter’s coming-of-age, dawning manhood period of life. Those oxymorons aside, these reflections, largely from that era, mirror an extensive range of experiences that encompass an equally broad range of thematic settings. Common to all these chronicles is their objective to furnish entertainment and enjoyment for the reader.


“The herd may graze where it pleases or stampede where it pleases, but he who lives the adventurous life will remain unafraid when he finds himself alone.”

Raymond B. Fosdick

“Be amusing: never tell unkind stories; above all, never tell long ones.”

Benjamin Disraeli

Available in paperback.